I've been on the air at Kicks 105.5 now for about 6 months. I'm loving every minute of it and I'm having a great time with all my co-workers. You'll also know, if you've been paying attention, I'm hopelessly in love with Sam Hunt.

I know, I know. He gets a lot of flack for his unique country style, but Sam Hunt is an incredible song writer. "Come Over" performed by Kenny Chesney, "Cop Car" from Keith Urban, and the new song hitting the air waves, "I Met a Girl" from up-comer William Michael Morgan, are all written by none other than my boyfriend/future husband Sam Hunt. And that voice?! Swoon worthy.

I heard rumblings around the office today that Mr. Morning had said that I had NO CHANCE with Sam Hunt. Which, of course is true. I mean look at the guy:

2016 Windy City LakeShake Country Music Festival
Getty Images/RIck Diamond

Have mercy. Ahem, anyway...Dang, Mr. Morning...let a girl dream!

I can't let things go. It's just who I am as a person. So, I had to confront Mr. Morning about this little slip up.


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