How do you like your hot dogs? Covered in mustard and relish? Chili? Bacon and Pulled Pork? Some of the best hot dogs in Connecticut will be cooked up in Litchfield over the next few days.

Gourmet Grilled All Beef Hots Dogs with Sides and Chips

National Hot Dog Day 2024 is Wednesday, July 17, and the biggest and best hot dog celebration in Connecticut leading up to it will happen in Litchfield. Get ready wiener-fans, Litchfield's Top Dog - Best Hot Dog Contest starts this weekend.

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For 2024, restaurants located in or around Bantam/Litchfield will serve up traditional, creative, or deconstructed hot dog creations. It's a friendly competition that everyone gets a chance to vote for their favorite. Litchfield's Top Dog starts on Saturday, July 13 and ends with the announcement of the "Wiener/Winner" on National Hot Dog Day 2024 - Wednesday July 17, on the Litchfield Green

Barbecue Grilled Hot Dog with Yellow Mustard

I've just received the list of participating restaurants from my friends over at, and good news, the three previous winners voted Top Dog are busy preparing contenders for the 2024 crown. Gooseboro Drive-In LLC is the two-time returning champion, they took home the top prize in 2021 and 2023, and Jackie's Restaurant, the 2022 winner, will be back with the creation you can see at the top of the article. It's Jackie's Restaurant's 2024 entry - The 3 Little Pigs Dog: A Hummel foot-long topped with pulled pork, candied bacon, and cheddar cheese.

In addition to Gooseboro Drive-In and Jackie's, here's the other Litchfield/Bantam participants for Litchfield's Top Dog 2024:

  • At The Corner
  • ATC South Street
  • Mockingbird Kitchen and Bar
  • Clubhouse Provisions at Stonybrook Golf
  • Wood's Pit BBQ & Mexican Cafe
  • The Village Restaurant
  • Meraki
  • Market Place tavern
  • Litchfield Catering & Deli
  • The Ripe Tomato Deli
  • Ollie's Pizza
  • Patty's Restaurant
  • Dutch Epicure

Still no sign of Joey Chestnut or Kobayashi on Bantam Lake, right?

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