The Brookfield Police Department is asking for the public's assistance to identify these three men they say are part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

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On Friday, July 5th the Brookfield Police made the plea to the local community on their official Facebook page saying:

"The Brookfield Police Department is seeking the public's assistance in identifying the above pictured individuals, relating to an ongoing criminal investigation. Anyone recognizing this individual is asked to contact Officer Bailey (203)775-2575 or email"

Brookfield PD
Brookfield PD

No one loves a mystery like this guy right here (me) but you gotta give us some more. Give us a hint as to what category the alleged crime is in. What kind of outfit are these fellas running (allegedly).

If I was going to judge a book by its cover, which is my favorite game of all-time, I'd say this has something to do with golf. Maybe a high-end golf club heist or sweaty beer-fueled brawl on the 17th green?

As always, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone.

P.S. This is a great reminder to all of us that there are cameras literally everywhere. Some people may say, hey I don't care, I have nothing to hide. While that sounds good, who among us has not let their pointer finger wander up their nose on a dry autumn day while stuck in traffic? Keep your head on a swivel and your finger out of your schnozz folks, the man is watching!

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