Amazing news for bikers looking to get out of the house and back into the great outdoors.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) recently announced a number of mountain bike trails are officially reopening for the season. The only problem if you're in Upstate New York, you'll have to travel far to get to them.

Group of friends ride mountain bike in the forest together

Reopened Bike Trails

Regional Director Cathy Haas says three different trails in Suffolk County will be open to the public once again starting April 1st. These include:

  • Otis Pike Pine Barrens State Forest
  • Rocky Point Pine Barrens State Forest
  • Eastport Pine Barrens State Forest

All were closed during small game and deer shotgun hunting seasons.

Mountain biker speeding through forest path.

What About Upstate New York?

The DEC has yet to make an open announcement about any trails up north or in Central New York. Most in our region are self explanatory... if there's snow don't go (unless you have the tires to do it!). But there is one trail that is always open year-round.

Empire State Trail

Bicyclists and hikers come from all over to experience the 750-mile Empire State Trail. The state has been working hard for the past 5-years on building, extending, and maintaining the trail for New Yorkers to enjoy at any season of the year.

Credit - Empire State Trail, Esri
Credit - Empire State Trail, Esri

If you haven't had a chance to walk or bike on it, make sure to put it on your to-do list for the Spring or Summer. Take in the beauty of the Erie Canal with a hike from Herkimer to Frankfort, or even prep yourself for the Boilermaker with a run from Durhamville to Canastota.

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Get ready for an amazing summer by finding new ways to get outside this year.

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