Taste of Country Mornings with Wood and Nicole recently sat down with country music superstar Dylan Scott, and he revealed that he's got some interesting habits, including one he does every morning.

It all started when Wood from Taste of Country Mornings asked if the "My Girl" singer was superstitious.

Scott responded with “a little bit." The "Boys Back Home" singer jokingly confirmed "road rituals" that he does, explaining, “Man, I just do things a certain way before I go onstage, I kind of have this order of events I go in and do, 'cause it worked one time and I just want to make sure it keeps working."

Nicole joked, "That sounds like OCD, not superstitious."

Dylan laughed and said, "Well, I am very OCD, too."

Nicole then asked, "Do you count your steps to the bathroom? That’s when it gets really extreme."

Dylan then revealed, "I do count."

He continued, "Yes, on random things, it can be anything. So like my coffee, I put coffee creamer in it, I count every time to 5."

The country star continued, "I find myself going 1-2-3-4-5. I don’t know why." Nicole joked, "We didn’t know we tapped into something," referring to Dylan's surprising answer.

Check out a clip of the exchange below.

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