Jason Aldean and his family are back in chilly Nashville these days, but they spent New Year's in a decidedly sunnier location: Enjoying their beach house in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

It wasn't all fun in the sun, though. The singer's wife Brittany came home with not one, but two new facial injuries, and during a recent round of fan Q&A on social media, one concerned — and eagle-eyed — follower asked her if she was okay.

"Let's just say I didn't see a remote comin for me," Brittany joked, in response to a question about how she got a scratch on her forehead, just above her eyebrow. In the same slide, she also addressed another injury she incurred during her trip, pointing out a tiny chip in one of her teeth and explaining that it was the result of an accident involving one of her rambunctious children.

"Also, chipped the ol' toofer," the singer's wife continued. "(Memphis jumped up while I was trying to pick him up) YOLO."


"Hot Mess Express," Brittany added at the bottom of the slide.

Injuries aside, the Aldean family trip to the Turks & Caicos looks dreamy: Brittany concluded their vacation with a wrap-up video montage sharing all the fun the family had enjoying the sun, water and sight-seeing. "Takin' our sweet time in Turks," she wrote. "We're going to miss this gorgeous place!"

Over the weekend, Brittany also gave a video tour of the beach getaway the family owns in the islands. Aldean occasionally pops up in the background of his wife's vacation posts, and he also shared a snapshot from the Turks & Caicos on his own social media page. The photo shows the singer and his wife posing in front of a jaw-dropping ocean backdrop, next to the sign for an iconic Turks & Caicos floating bar called Noah's Ark Beach Club.

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"Spent New Year's in paradise! Now back in Nashville freezin our ass off," Aldean joked.

The Aldeans notoriously prefer warm weather vacations — and they even favor a warmer climate in their full-time homes. While they still reside in Nashville, the couple also recently bought a new, beachfront home in Florida.

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