If I'm going through the drive through for take out food, it's because I'm in a real hurry. Lately, whether it's been Wendy's, Panera, or Dunkin', I feel like service is slowing down around here. So I did a little research and come to find out, it's not just here, it's everywhere.

According to the OC Register, we've learned that more and more people are in the queue, waiting for food at New York and Connecticut restaurants, and that's the culprit. Increased consumer demand for drive thru food is causing longer wait times. Be ready to wait even longer if you're near a busy highway, they say. Lifestyle change in the United States is reportedly to blame, with more people wanting drive thru food, mostly people with long commutes.

My theory is that people may have longer work days and that is prompting a switch of our habits to more of an "on-the-go" model. The OC Register reports that: “The majority of the restaurants are 60 to 70 percent drive-thru". Fewer square feet of these eateries are devoted to dining in in efforts to speed service up, but it's not helping yet. So it's not your imagination, drive thru fast food is getting slower these days.

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