We all love our pet's, so it's fitting there's a special day to celebrate everything our pet's mean to us...and today's the day.

Pet lovers everywhere are observing National Love Your Pet Day, it's a special day that focuses on giving extra attention to our pets.  Today's the day to pamper them, like we don't do that everyday, and focus on the special relationship that we have with our pet's.

According to nationaldaycalender.com, most households have at least one pet. There are more cats then dogs in the U.S., but there are more households that actually have dogs. However it's not just dogs and cats, there are birds, rabbits, reptiles, fish, even mice and rats.

Pet's can also be good for your health. Spending some time with them can be a great stress reliever, and can also lower your blood pressure.

Here's a few way's you can show your pet how much you love them:

  • Check that their vaccines are all up to date
  • Give them a good brushing
  • Play their favorite game with their favorite toy
  • Give them an extra treat or two
  • Talk them for a walk, or a ride in the car
  • Practice their favorite commands like sit, shake, or rollover

Finally you can share your love of your pet with everyone, just submit a photo like these people already did.

Love Your Pet day

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