If you're a fan of Italian cuisine like myself, I'm here to bring good news. I used to think that Connecticut's bigger cities: Danbury, Waterbury, New Haven, Hartford, etc. had the best Italian restaurants. I may be wrong because for the second time in as many months, a new Italian-cuisine based place has opened up along Federal Road in Brookfield.

Just yesterday, Tuesday, April 6, Cibo opened up their doors to the public for the first time and started serving what they bill as "Italian Street Food". Cibo, pronounced "Chee-Bo", is located at 450 Federal Road in Brookfield. They're in the shopping plaza which already houses another restaurant, Del Primo, Windowrama, and a couple of other businesses.

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Cibo jumps into the Federal Road cuisine fray offering a menu chock full of mouth-watering descriptions. Their beet salad isn't called just a plain old boring "Beet Salad", no, it's called "Barbabietola". Sad "Meatballs" are called "Polpette" and it's not a plain "Steak", it's "Bistecca". For those of us who aren't fluent in Italian, they do offer English translations, it's pretty easy to figure out.

Simple, quality ingredients are used in each menu item. There's a little something for everyone in the appetizers, salads, pasta dishes with different protein choices, brick oven pizzas, and main dishes.

Cibo has a nice selection of authentic Italian products and foods from what I could see in their beautiful new restaurant, and they're currently serving both lunch and dinner. Their website and Facebook page haven't been updated as of my writing this, so there are no operating hours posted as of yet. If you'd like to check out their menu, click HERE.

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