It's something we consume every single day, but is the water you're drinking safe?

The safety of our tap water is a top concern for many of us. And for too many people in Connecticut and the Hudson Valley, turning on their faucets for a glass of water is like pouring a cocktail of chemicals.

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So besides putting one of those water purifiers on your faucet or sending your water out for expensive testing, how can you find out the quality of your drinking water?

Now there's a simple, easy way to get a pretty good idea of how safe your drinking water is.

The Environmental Working Group just put out a new water quality report for every zip code in the entire country. These 2021 water quality reports are done for each zip code and come as a result of testing done by almost 50,000 local water utility companies in every state. To find out the status of your water, just visit their website at to get your water quality report.

Every zip code in the U.S. is included in the report which searches for all the possible contaminates and pollutants that your local water utility found in their tap water that are above federal and state guidelines.

This is just the first step of the process. Once you are aware of possible chemicals in your water, you can then make a decision to determine the next steps you have to take to make sure you're always drinking water from your tap that's safe.

The water testing site, also has researchers available to discuss the contaminants detected in your drinking water, go over the possible health risks, and give you advice on how you can reduce the chemical content so you and your family are safe.

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