Is someone you love about to venture off to college? Is that thought freaking you out?

Choosing a college is such a hard decision for so many reasons. Now, let's add safety to that mix. Based on FBI crime statistics and safety programs, put together a list comprised of cities that offer outstanding education with on and off campus safety records to match.

Here in "Sunny CT", we're lucky enough to have two of America's safest college towns. As much as I love my hometown of Waterbury, and it's no secret that New Haven is both the mecca of delicious pizza and the birthplace of my beloved hamburger, neither city is safe enough to be considered for this list. Or safe enough to be considered for any list that lists safe things, for that matter, but I digress.

Fairfield,CT earned itself the number 24 spot on the safest college towns list, thanks mostly to its incredibly low crime rate for a town that has over 61,000 people. Fairfield and Sacred Heart Universities are Connecticut staples, and it's nice to know that the students who attend those prestigious institutes are safe, and their parents can rest easy.

West Haven, CT just squeaked its way onto the list, coming in at number 29 out of 30. Since it was settled all the way back in 1648, West Haven is known for having multiple buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Because of that, preserving said history and maintaining a safe environment is usually number one on the town's priority list. Aside from being named one of the country's safest colleges West Haven's UNH was named one of the best colleges in 2017 by the Princeton Reveiw.

To see the entire list of the 30 safest college towns in the good ol' U.S. of A., visit

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