Did Google Map screw up, or reveal a secret?

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I was cruising through Danbury, CT Facebook group the other day when I came across a post from a man named Mark Granja. Mark had been using Google Maps, specifically in the Newtown Road region of Danbury, and saw a restaurant appear, that is not there. Granja wrote:

"Found something interesting on Google maps...Is Wood-n-Tap really coming to Danbury where 99 was??? That would be amazing!"

The first thing I did was jump on Google Maps and try it for myself, and I got the same result. I searched for Newtown Road at the intersection of Eagle Road and zoomed in and it appeared like digital magic, it said that there is a "Wood-N-Tap" location, where there is not one.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I reached out to a friend who shall remain nameless but let's just say, they would know if a business like Wood-N-Tap was planning to come to the Hat City. They said, they'd not heard anything about that. While I like this person a great deal, it's also not in their best interest to reveal that information if it's too soon, so I took that with a grain of salt.

There is also the possibility that there is a glitch with Google, but I'm willing to bet a few bucks that there WILL be a Wood-N-Tap restaurant there before you know it. That is a high traffic area, already built for cooking/serving food and a large dining area to hold a big crowd. It kind of makes sense for this part of Danbury.

Now, I'd never heard of Wood-N-Tap before so I needed to check out what might be in-store for us. It turns out Wood-N-Tap is a chain of restaurants, all based in CT, with locations in:

  • Enfield
  • Farmington
  • Hamden
  • Hartford
  • Newington
  • Rocky Hill
  • Southington
  • Vernon
  • Wallingford

The Wood-N-Tap origin story reads like this:

"The Wood-N-Tap is a true Connecticut original. The two partners of this locally-owned restaurant group bring years of restaurant knowledge and experience to the table.
Phil Barnett attended Central Connecticut State University and spent his college days working at Joe’s Bar and Grill. At school, he rented an apartment from Mike Hamlin. Together this duo founded the original Wood-N-Tap in Hartford in 2002.
In addition to restaurant knowledge, Mike Hamlin's interest in real estate and construction is the key to finding suitable locations and transforming the restaurants. Phil Barnett's marketing expertise has made the Wood-N-Tap one of the most visible restaurants in Connecticut."

I checked their menu too, and it's like a greatest hits album for comfort food, they have:

  • Burgers
  • Pizza
  • Tacos
  • Quesadilla
  • Nachos
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Wings
  • Calamari
  • Fried Cheese Bites

Even better than that, they have something called the "Booze-N-Out Kits." Rather than buying a bottle of wine to bring to a friend's house, you buy one of their "Booze-N-Out" kits and you have everything you need to make signature cocktails. It gives you the specific liquor needed for the drinks, the recipes and the additional drink ingredients, things like fruit, soda, juice, bitters and cherries.

They have a ton of local beers on tap, signature drinks, booze kits, if this place is not coming to Danbury. I'm going to beg them to rethink it.

P.S. One comment on the Facebook post brought me back down to Earth, it was from Michael Hernandez who wrote:

"At one point google maps had a label for “Price Chopper” where “Ocean State Job Lot” is located."

So, that sucks.

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