What the heck, Weather? I am ready for pumpkins, fleece, and proving to my husband that I am not totally inept when trying to start a fire.

This weekend, as we were headed out, I asked "Alexa" what the weather forecast was. She repeated this horrible description of what I would refer to as "summer".

Don't get me wrong, I love summer. I love wearing flip-flops, rolling the windows up, and blasting that air conditioner, but, after three months of melting makeup, hair frizzing and dreading shopping for a bathing suit, I am totally ready for pumpkin lattes like the rest of the sane people in the universe.

There are those who call this ridiculously-warm-non-autumnul weather "Indian Summer". However, according to The Farmer's Almanac, those "hanging-on-to-summer-like-the-ridiculous-people-that-they-are-who-cannot-commit-to-the-amazingly-wonderful-leaf-changing-all-things-pumpkin-people-that-they-should-be" Indian Summer has to have these specific factors:

  • As well as being warm, the atmosphere during Indian summer is hazy or smoky, there is no wind, the barometer is standing high, and the nights are clear and chilly.
  • A moving, cool, shallow polar air mass is converting into a deep, warm, stagnant anticyclone (high pressure) system, which has the effect of causing the haze and large swing in temperature between day and night.
  • The time of occurrence is important: The warm days must follow a spell of cold weather or a good hard frost.

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