As summer begins to wind down, actually we've got about a month to go but Halloween decorations are already out so, what can I say except, "WELCOME FALL!"

It's that time of the year that furry creatures begin to gather nuts and ready their burrows for colder weather. Those little winter homes that they are preparing all seem to be in my backyard, we're lucky that way. As we walk around, there are many sink holes to behold. Ah, wildlife.

So, what's the winter weather forecast for the 2018/2019 season? New England Cable News says that while it's still way too early to make any long term predictions, there are things that give meteorologists and other people who know stuff about weather some hints about what will maybe happen.

The temperature of the Pacific Ocean, you know that big blue wet thing on the left side of the country near California, well that's been warmer than usual and it seems as though that party will continue into the winter. Do you know who is the guest of honor at that little soiree? It's this guy named "El Nino". Whenever he shows up, the party heats up and winter in the Northeast becomes a warmer, wetter experience. It seems as the the Old Farmer's Almanac agrees with that prediction and says that this winter, Southern New Englanders will be glad to know that their snow shovels should not get a lot of use.

I say we trade our snow blowers and shovels in for a convertible Super Sport Chevy Camaro. Who's with me?

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