There has been speculation for months about it, and now it’s official.

We take a clue from a sign up on Boston’s Tremont Street. It's over a store slated to open in the next month showing the new abbreviated name for Dunkin’ Donuts, which drops the word “Donuts”.

There is no word on exactly when it will happen to Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Connecticut, but this name consolidation thing is just in test mode right now, according to If it works out well for the company, based out of Canton, Mass, we could be saying goodbye to the word ‘Donuts’ in their name forever, everywhere in the country.

Industry experts say that this name change would help them set their sights on beverages and coffee the most. There are a few of the ‘Dunkin’ locations operating across the nation now and a few more opening in a slow roll out in the coming months. Michelle King, a spokeswoman for Dunkin’ Donuts, says:

We do not anticipate making decisions regarding our branding until the latter half of 2018 when we begin rolling out our new store image.

So it will be a few months until we see any possible changes here in Connecticut.

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