When the highway expansion project in Danbury was announced back in 2016, people where happy. Many thought finally their traffic woes might be over -- Well, think again.

A new report was just released by the Connecticut Public Interest Group and the Frontier Group, and it says that the I-84 expansion project was cited as one of the worst expansion projects nationwide.

According to patch.com, the report revealed that the expansion project will waste $715 million in taxpayer dollars and is among the worst projects going on anywhere in the country.

The I-84 project is set to rebuild an eight-mile stretch of the Danbury portion of the highway between exits 3 and 8, and begin in 2022. According to the CPIG report, half of Connecticut's public roads are in poor to very poor shape, and investing in large expansion project's will leave little or no funds to fix the already deteriorating infrastructure.

Data compiled by the Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration cites over 300 bridges in the state that are structurally deficient, and that the funds allocated for expansion would be better used for these smaller type of projects.

Finally one of the other areas that contribute to this project making the list as one of the nations worst, is that ridership on the Danbury Metro North branch has increased, while the growth in driving has remained the same, so some lawmakers suggest making rail improvements instead of road expansion.

Stay tuned, cause as you know this is Connecticut, and things could change in a New York minute.

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