In other parts of the country, it's no secret that the New England Patriots aren't the most loved professional football team. Now, a brand new study shows they're not even the most loved team in these parts.


Barstool Sports has done research to find out what football team each state is rooting for in the Super Bowl. Their study used data from online sports gambling websites, as well as geotagged social media data.


Surprisingly according to them TWO New England states are not going for the New England Patriots on Super Sunday. Barstool Sports says Vermont and Connecticut (gasp) will be cheering for The Philadelphia Eagles.


Now this is weird. The one state that is showing the Patriots some love is North Dakota. Go figure. If you take a look at their map, it does somewhat look like it’s the New England Patriots against the world, but the Patriots seem to thrive on this kinda stuff, so it may work out well for them on Super Sunday.

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