Yes, you read that right a FREE boat.

It amazes me every time I spend a few minutes mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. I always seem to come across something that I've never seen before and in this case something that could be considered the FIND of the year!!

If you've never looked at any of the Hudson Valley yard sale pages on social media you have no idea what you are missing. These pages are great places to look for something that you are looking to buy used. You can find just about anything, from furniture, clothes, cars and now we can add BOATS to the latest thing we've found.

Now not just any boat...a FREE one! The post reads, "Offering my boat to someone who wants to save it. Has been sitting, I’m just not going to use it anymore and now it’s in the way of a tree that has to come down. Needs through-hulls and impeller etc from sitting. Still a nice solid boat."

Now I'm no boat person but if you are interested in possibly grabbing this boat as a project you must be able to pick it up with your own trailer and according to the post, you "must take the whole boat".

Boat Will Need Repairs

You will also need to fix a few things including a "Thru-Hull", which is a term used to describe a fitting that is attached through the hull of a boat. You will also need to replace the impeller, which is a rotor used to increase the pressure and flow of a fluid on a boat according to Wikipedia. The post also stated that "the boat will need a new canvas. Beautiful boat that deserves to be saved. Have all paperwork."

We have reached out to the person who's looking to get rid of the boat and she told us that numerous people have already reached out to get the boat and that she is currently returning calls and messages to those people.

It sounds like it's going to go quickly so if you are interested you can find the original listing here.

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