Have you ever found yourself watching a video and have no idea why you're enjoying at much as you are?

Like most, I spend a few hours a day scrolling social media, and every once and a while I find myself watching the most random videos. Depending on the social media platform you use will depend on the types of videos see. YouTube and TikTok have great videos but just the other day I was on Facebook and I found a video of an elephant destroying and then eating a pumpkin.


Elephant Destroys a Pumpkin

I don't know what it is about the video below but watching something as big and majestic as an elephant attack a pumpkin is something I never thought would entertain me...LOL! I don't know if it's watching it slice the pumpkin into smaller pieces with its tusks so it could fit it inside its mouth or what but I've watched it a bunch of times and can seem to place WHY I FRIGGIN LOVE IT SO MUCH!! Take a look and see if you enjoy it as much as I do...

The Milwaukee Zoo posted the video on Facebook a few weeks ago and after being shared and liked by thousands of people I am happy to see that I'm not alone in enjoying it...LOL! Hundreds of people left comments on the video with most saying they loved watching as well.

I Bet That Left Quite the Mess!

My favorite comment came from a man who said, "Knowing what pumpkin does to my large dog, I wouldn’t want to be the zoo keeper on elephant cage clean up for the next week…" Comments like this are why I always read them...LOL! The zoo hasn't given an update on how bad the elephant cage got after the pumpkin feast but I'm assuming it got pretty bad!

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I saw Daryl's pictures in a different moose related thread and reached out to him. I asked him to tell me more. I wanted to know if these photos were real? Did he take the pictures? Was this in Danbury? When was this? How did he feel. An excited Daryl got back to me with the following responses. 

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