With most of the world always on high alert, we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone not to panic if you see someone walking around with a bow and arrows.

Any other time of year, someone in the woods walking around with a bow and some arrows may be cause for concern but not now!! If you are a hunter or have a hunter in your family, you most likely already know that hunting season is about to open up. If you aren't familiar with any of the hunting seasons across the Hudson Valley let us fill you in.

When Does Bow Season Open in the Hudson Valley?

According to the Department of Environmental Conservations website, archery season officially opens up in the Hudson Valley on Friday October 1st, 2021. "Bow" season will run from Oct 1 through November 19th, 2021.

Do I Need a License to Bow Hunt?

To bow hunt in New York State, any, and all hunters 16 years-of-age or older, are required to have a hunting license and either a current bowhunting privilege or a valid Bowhunter Education Certificate. Licenses will cost New York residents $15. If you'd like more information on licenses and where you can obtain one checkout all the rules and regulations online here.

When Does Rifle Deer Season Start?

For most of the Hudson Valley, rifle season will open up on Saturday November 20th, 2021 and will run through December 12th, 2021. If you, or someone you know is going to hit the woods during any of the hunting seasons, make sure to remind them to be safe!!

Also remind them that our "Show Us Your Rack" contest is coming back this year. So if they are lucky enough to harvest a deer this year and would like to brag a little bit about it, tell them to snap a picture of their harvest and get ready to send it to us for a chance to win a $500 gift card to Northern Dutchess Archery in Red Hook, New York. We will have more information on our contest on air and online soon!

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