Chain Italian restaurants are like farts in the wind in Connecticut, they stink up the place for a moment, and then they're gone. One Italian chain restaurant that I've always actually liked is Bertucci's. If you do too, you should go enjoy it, right now.

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According to, Bertucci's filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday (12-5-22). This is particularly bad news, because it's the second time that they've filed for Federal protection in 4 years. There were only three Bertucci's locations in all of Connecticut as of last week, and today there is only one.

The only place in Connecticut where you can still get your Bertucci's on is at 2882 Main Street, Glastonbury. This is the Lone Ranger of Bertucci Connecticut locations. The Avon and Newington locations are gone. In fact, Bertucci's is only operating one restaurant in multiple neighboring states. Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey all have only one Bertucci's left. If you're a big fan, you should probably move to Massachusetts, because 20 locations survived this latest culling in their home state.

My wife and I ate at the Avon Bertucci's around three weeks ago, and we noticed that the place was severely understaffed. The general manager was handling hosting, bussing, and food running, while other employees ran between serving and bartending. We still really enjoyed our meal, and left a generous tip for the overworked staff. If you want one last rigatoni alla vodka with crispy pepperoni, get to Glastonbury soon, or else you're Mass Pike-bound.

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