The Seinfeld television set, where 4 friends gathered to examine the minutia of life would be my first choice to make my home if this were even a possibility. It would be like a warm blanket — a place I could easily call home and practice my indifference toward others.

There are a few others I could make home. Here is the list:

#1 - Seinfeld set

#2 - Cheers set - This would present some logistical problems for my family. I'd have to convert the billiards space into a bedroom for my wife and I. We could also convert Melville's into bedrooms for the kids. We would miss out on all that Fine Sea Food but what the hell.

#3 - The Office set - Again, with the logistics. The annex seems perfect for a conversion project. Plus you have all the additional warehouse space. We could have weekend getaways at Schrute Farm.

#4 - Friends set - Prime N.Y. Real estate right there. You have a gourmet coffee shop in walking distance and they also don't seem to mind if someone owns exotic pets.

What TV set would you make your home? Why? GO!

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