Is there a proper way to handle a situation like this?

Has anyone ever told you that you give great advice? Yes? Good, because we don't and when someone is looking for help we can't think of anyone better to ask then YOU! So go find yourself a quite place to continue reading, maybe get your favorite beverage ready because we need your help in trying to help out a fan of the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show with a situation she went through a few weeks ago while out celebrating a birthday with her friends.

Lynn emailed us, "Guys! Last week a few of my friends and I decided to take our friend Amy out for her birthday. I'm always in for a good time, but I tired of having to pay for everyone's good time. When we go out like this I never drink alcohol, I've never been much of a drinker, my friends on the other hand love to dip in the sauce. I mean drink after drink, every time. When it comes time to pay the bill we always split it and I wind up paying much more than I should have to. I never say anything, but this time I finally said something. The place we went to was expensive, so when the bill came I told everyone that since I didn’t drink, I’m gonna just put in my share, and a few extra dollars for the birthday girl. Right after I said it, everyone’s mood changed and things got really awkward. Later when I got home one of my friends texted me that she couldn't believe that I said something and that I ruined the night. She said I should've just paid a full share. Should I have not said anything and just paid my equal share? How would you guys handle something like this?"

These type of situations stink, but I don't think Lynn did anything wrong here, you pay for what you consume right? The best advice we've gotten so far was a text form Kristen who said, "Next time when everyone is ordering tell the waiter or waitress that you'd like a separate check because your not drinking." Easy enough, right? You should also make sure you throw in some extra money to take care of the person who your celebrating and of course for the tip too!

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