Every time you do an artist interview, especially when you're at the Taste of Country Music Festival, you try to make it interesting and not ask the same questions everyone else is asking. Well, maybe this time, I took it a little too "Farr".

Tyler Farr is one of Country Music's hottest stars, with a string of hits like "A Guy Walks into a Bar", "Whiskey in My Water", and "Redneck Crazy". So when it came time to interview Tyler, I had two things in mind.

I wanted to play off his last name Farr, and have some fun with that, which I did. I also wanted to find out what it's like, or for that matter, exactly how does one get "Redneck Crazy?" Yeah, I went there too. Maybe I should have quit while I was ahead. Maybe I went a little too far with Tyler Farr, but I just had to find out. Watch the craziness that ensued:

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