If you've ever said you could never fall for a scam, never say never! Here's how scammers almost got me.

Just about all of us have ordered something through Amazon at one time or another. If you haven't yet, you will soon as the holidays are quickly approaching...LOL! If you plan on ordering anything that going to be delivered to your house I want to make sure you're aware of a scam that I almost fell for the other day.


My Amazon Package says it's Delivered but it's not Here!

As area basketball season gets underway in the Hudson Valley I've decided to once again give coaching CYO basketball a try. This year I'm coaching my son Jackson's team and as we get ready to start practicing I needed to order a few supplies for the season. To make sure I got everything in time I placed an order on Amazon the other day for everything and when I placed the order it said everything would arrive by Thursday, November 3rd. I got an email that said everything was delivered early on Thursday and when I got home the packages were nowhere to be found.

I looked everywhere!!! I went and asked my neighbors if they might have taken it by mistake, my upstairs neighbor said that this has happened to her before and suggested that I called amazon to see what happened. So like I do with everything, I opened Google and searched for a phone number, found one, called it, and that's where things got crazy!


Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

The first result in my search gave me a phone number that I clicked to call. When I did a man answered the phone, he sounded a little out of sorts and was having a hard time hearing me so he asked, "is it ok if I call you back?" Sure! I hung up and he called back 5 seconds later and asked "what's the issue?" I explained that I haven't gotten a delivery that said it was delivered. He then asked for my email address and after I gave it to him he told me that my account has been compromised. WHAT???

Amazon Account Compromised?

He went on to ask if anyone else has access to my account because his records show that my packages have been delivered to an address in Cleveland Ohio. "NO" I replied, nobody else uses this account and I don't know anyone in Cleveland. He went on to reassure me that he could help to fix the problem and would be able to refund my purchases once we went through some authentication steps. He then explained that I would need to download an app that would help to fix the issue. He told me to go to the app store and download the "My Desk" app.

Just wanting to fix the problem, I went to the app store and as I was just about ready to download I said out loud "this sounds SHADY!!" The man heard me and said that once he gets access to my device I will be able to delete the app. WAIT! I'm giving you access to my phone. OH HELL NO!!! I paused for a second and then told him I wasn't comfortable doing any of this and that I would take care of it through the Amazon website and hung up.

He Kept Calling and Calling

After I hung up I kept getting calls from different 800 numbers for about 30 minutes, it was crazy!! I declined every call and haven't heard from them again but thought it was important to share how they almost got me so that you can be aware that it CAN happen to you! In case you're wondering, my package wasn't sent to Cleveland it was left at the wrong address at my apartment complex, and whoever got it, opened it, realized it wasn't theirs, and brought it to my front door last night.

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