Last night, my husband and I were having a discussion about healthy snacks.

I told him that we don't have enough of those "grab and go" goodies in our pantry. He agreed with me, but pointed out that we had some healthy cereal, opened the closet door and pulled out a box of Kashi. I told him that he should actually store that with our tools, because we could use it the next time we have to fix a wall. It was that moment that he turned to me as if he were husband of the century and announced, "Look what I bought for you!"

And there it was -- Thomas Rhett on a box of Cheerios!

This is what happens when you don't eat breakfast. You miss out on your favorite country stars sharing the most important meal of the day with you. This definitely, "Make Me Wanna" not skip breakfast anymore. I literally don't want to "Crash and Burn", so "Get Me Some of That."

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