Today (October18, 2021) The Town of Lloyd Police Department announced that their Take Me Home program is officially off and running.

Take Me Home programs have been successfully run in police departments around the United States. According to an online article from the Lee's Summit Missouri Police Department the program was originally developed by the Pensacola Florida Police Department to help people who need special assistance during an emergency.

The program that began today in the Town of Lloyd is similar. It is designed to help people who are missing or in need of assistance find there way home. The program can help child and adults. The idea is that if the department already has the person information it will help them get safely home or to help more quickly. This type of program is extremely helpful for people who are non verbal or have have a disability that would make it hard for them to communicate with the police.

The idea of this program is that people who are vulnerable in the community would register ahead of time. Then is they are missing or if the police encounter them they can identify them more quickly and render them assistance with better understanding of who they are and what they might need. The registration form contains information about the individual plus a photo of the person and their family or caregiver contact information.

The Town of Lloyd Facebook post today announcing the new program also mentioned that the program has the added benefit of being able to send the information out to officers in the case that someone registered goes missing. In other words if a vulnerable senior citizen or child went missing, their information could be sent out to the computers in officers' cars therefore hopefully leading to the missing person being located sooner.

If you don't live in the Town of Lloyd contact your police department to see if they offering a similar program. If you live in the Town of Lloyd and want to register either fill out the Take Me Home Application and email it back to or return the completed application to the Town of Lloyd Police Department located at 25 Milton Ave. Highland NY. Please provide a recent photograph of the registrant.

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