Ian Flannigan is from the Hudson Valley, but now he calls NBC's The Voice his home as he advances to the next round.

A few weeks ago, we met Ian Flannigan for the first time. The Hudson Valley singer made quite an impression with Blake Shelton on the show. Ian got through the blind auditions, and advanced to the battle rounds where he continued to wow the judges. Now, he's moving on and competing for his musical life.

I recently got another chance to talk to him about how things are going in his quest to become the next champion on the hit NBC show.

First, congratulations on your success on the show. You got through the blind auditions, now you've advanced winning the first part of the battle rounds against a fellow team Blake member.

"Yes, you know Aaron Scott and I have become good friends on the show, but it's also kind of bitter sweet when you have to be paired up with someone who's on your team."

What a lot of people may not know about you, they see you on the show every week, but you have been through a lot, including a stint in rehab.

"Oh yeah, I've been through it all since I started playing music. I've been a musician since I was ten years old, I've been pursuing it hard for the last 10 years, a whole decade, it's kind of brought me through a lot of ups and downs."

Well, something good seems to have come out of what you went through, not only are you running the table on The Voice, but you met a great lady, and have a daughter as well.

"Yeah, my fiancé now, music has been one of those things for me, it's been my guiding force, it brought me to the lowest parts, but also brought me to the best parts of my life. Looks like my life is just like a country song. I want to say that I appreciate all the people that have supported me through all that I've been going through, especially now being on the show, and thanks to everyone in the Hudson Valley, I really appreciate all their support as well."

In case you missed Ian on the battle rounds, you can check it out now.

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