Sometimes parents can be the absolute worst.

Anyone with a kid knows that having to deal with other parents can be very difficult. Every parent does the best that they can to raise their child right, but parents can be a bit too vocal when it comes to raising other people's children.

You know the parents I'm talking about; The ones that declare that if you're not feeding your child organic carrots you're committing child abuse. They're the parents that love spending all day posting online photos and instructions on how to do fun activities with your kids, instead of, you know, actually spending time with their own kids. Those terribly annoying parents are the ones that have an opinion on the right way to do everything and if you're raising your child differently, they believe you need to be called out for being a horrible mom or dad.

While most rational people were preparing their kids for Halloween this week, these overly judgemental parents from hell were participating in a new past-time called "weather shaming." Yeah, I didn't know this was a thing either. But apparently it's real and parents all over the Hudson Valley were guilty of it.

Because rain was expected on Halloween, some parents took to social media to ask for advice on what to do about trick-or-treating. There are several Facebook groups where moms gather to discuss and exchange ideas about parenting. As the Halloween weather became the main topic of conversation on these parenting groups, battle lines were quickly drawn and the conversation took a nasty tone.

As it turns out, not wanting your child to go trick or treating in the rain is even worse than feeding them non-organic carrots. Some parents railed against other parents who even questioned postponing Halloween. These parents argued that not forcing a three-year-old to hoof it around the neighborhood in a downpour while wearing an absorbent costume was somehow setting them up for failure in life. Other parents argued back, saying that sending them out in the rain was basically as bad as waterboarding them.

After some Hudson Valley towns actually began postponing trick-or-treating, the conversation got even more heated, requiring moderators to lock commenting and delete posts. This just goes to show how juvenile some of these supposed "parents" can act.

Honestly, it was quite amusing for this self-proclaimed rational parent to watch the meltdown unfold. Witnessing people acting so terribly over something so stupid can be highly entertaining. The insufferable people on both sides of this particular argument were being laughably ridiculous. But the fun quickly wore off as I realized that these horrible human beings were actually tasked with raising real-live children. And if this is the example they're setting, we're basically doomed. No amount of organic carrots is going to help.

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