Is it unprofessional for someone working inside your house to use the bathroom (#2) while working?

If you've ever hired someone to do work at your house, you already know that it can become extremely stressful. You have to deal with trusting people to be inside your house when you aren't there, you have the budget, and of course, you want things to be done exactly the way you'd like. All things most of us can relate to, but one thing happened to a Poughkeepsie, NY couple that just might send some over the edge.

We got an email from a woman in Poughkeepsie, who, along with her husband, is currently having some work done inside her house. And after having an unfortunate experience happen to her the other day, she is wondering if she and her husband are overreacting or not.


Here's What Happened

She wrote,

"I hired a contractor to do some remolding in my master bedroom and master bath. Everything was going great until yesterday when I went upstairs to see how the progress was going and when I walked into the bathroom one of the workers was sitting on the NEW toilet going to the bathroom. They hadn’t put the door back up yet so I just walked in and there he was dropping a deuce in my new toilet! Shocked, I quickly walked back out and apologized and rushed back downstairs, and left to go back to work. When I got in the car I called my husband and told him what happened and he was even more grossed out than I was. He said shouldn’t they go to McDonald's or a convenience store to use the bathroom like that? My husband wants to stop them from doing any more work and not pay them. Are we overreacting? What's the proper protocol?"

YIKES!! I understand how this is an uncomfortableembarassing situation but I don't think it's grounds for canceling the work and not paying them. I would also be grossed out, but I think the best way to handle moving forward would be to tell the contractor from now on, none of the workers are allowed to use the bathroom (#2) while they are working inside the house.

If this happened to you how would you handle it? Fire them? Call or text us through the station app.

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