As the CT Wing Fest draws closer, we wanted to share some of our wing eating secrets with you. I'm sure you've seen the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, and watched in wide-eyed wonder as Joey Chestnut tore into that pile of hot dogs and buns. Well, be prepared to have your mind blown by our own local champion, Trevor "Big Country" Frisbie.

I've been eating chicken wings for decades, and I can honestly say that the techniques that Trevor shows us, especially with the blade portion of the wings, is one of those things that makes me say "My God, how did I not see this before? He's a genius"

I was the wing eating champion here at the radio station the first year of CT Wing Fest, but last year, I was soundly defeated by Trevor. Check out the video:

I remember thinking at the time, "Wow, how the hell did he do that?" I can hold my own when it comes to eating -- my name IS Large Dave -- but now I know. And you will too from now on with these wonderful tips.

We'll see you at the 3rd Annual CT Wing Fest, Saturday January 28 at the Matrix Conference and Banquet Center. Two sessions this year, 1-4PM, and 6-9PM.

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