A March Nor'easter is heading our way, and it could pack a pretty good punch. Winter Storm Stella is expected to dump more snow on us in one day than we saw all winter.

So what can we expect for much of Greater Danbury as well as Putnam and Dutchess Counties? We got the latest weather word from our Meteorologist Bill Jacquemin:

The storm system will organize in the gulf then head up by the Carolinas tonight, where it will come together with an upper level system, which is what you need for a big Nor'easter. The snow will start to spread across our region between midnight and 2 am, and get very heavy and very steady very quickly. The storm could also produce white out conditions during the morning commute, with blowing and drifting show. We can also not rule out the chance for some thunder snow, where you could see an added intensity and up to 3-4 inches an hour. Total storm accumulations right now look like we'll see somewhere between 18-22 inches before the storm moves away late on Tuesday.

I did ask Bill if some of the snow totals we've been hearing about could be inflated a bit....

If the storm system tracks closer to the coast, then there would be more sleet mixing in, and once that happens, snow totals drops dramatically, but at this time I don't expect that to happen.

In any case, it's going to snow, and it's going to snow a lot.

For those who love snow this could be the last storm of the winter, for those who don't like the snow, this could be the last storm of the winter, so either way stay safe and do what you need to do, hunker or brace:

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