If I told you how many times this particular scenario plays out in my house you would think that I am making it up. However, I wonder how many other women find themselves living the same life.

Let's set the scene: We have some place to go -- it doesn't matter where. It could be to a party or shopping for flooring. About an hour before we need to leave the house:

Hubby: (looks up from iPad where he is currently protecting his magical kingdom in his war game) "Honey, are you going to get into the shower? We have to get this show on the road."

Me: "Yes, I am just straightening these things up."

I finish cleaning up the kitchen, living room, bedroom, get in the shower, get dressed, put on my makeup, dry my hair, wonder where the hubby is.

Hubby: (shouting at his iPad) "Take that you dirty (blank blank), that's what you get for setting my castle on fire!"

Me: "Maybe you should put that down and get into the shower?"

He goes upstairs, showers, gets dressed, combs his "perfect" hair into place and walks into the living room.

Me: "Are you ready to go?"

Hubby: "I was waiting for you!"

It's a good thing I love him!

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