I was standing outside a friend's house tonight as the sun was going down. We were all gathered in the yard for the most random reason. A person painting my friend's house had noticed a gas odor and was worried it was a leak. The yard has a Central Hudson Gas Relief pipe in it which was most likely the source of the smell.

The painter was not sure so he thought it was a good idea to call 911. That resulted in the Highland, New York Fire Department responding to check for leaks in the yard and around the relief station, and even in the house.

If You Smell Gas Call 911

The fire department notified Central Hudson which resulted in them sending a crew to check the relief station and the area for any gas leaks. Fortunately, it all ended well with no leaks found. The Central Hudson Crew was still going to do more inspections on the relief station to find the source of the smell.

Highland Fire Company NY Investigate Gas Smell

Once we realized that we weren't in danger of any kind, we all got chatting and one of the topics that came up was how a leak would have been awful and then we hypothesized about what if someone had lit a match. We no sooner said that when, as if it was on cue, a firefly went by and lit up. We all burst out laughing for a moment and then someone asked me if I knew what makes a firefly light up. I stood there dumbfounded and said I have no idea.

What Makes Fireflies Glow?

I figure if I don't know maybe a lot of people don't know so I decided to go home and look it up and then share this story with you. So what makes a firefly glow?

According to news.ncsu.edu, it is a chemical reaction in their abdomens. That requires a mixture of a chemical, some enzymes, and some oxygen.

Fireflies produce light in special organs in their abdomens by combining a chemical called luciferin, enzymes called luciferases, oxygen and the fuel for cellular work, ATP. Entomologists think they control their flashing by regulating how much oxygen goes to their light-producing organs. (news.ncsu.edu)

If you enjoy watching lightning bugs/fireflies there are many ways you can attract them to your yard.

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