Every once and a while having a conversation with someone my mind gets blown!

Never did I think it would be possible to ever sleep at night without a pillow and when a friend of mine told me they are going to start sleeping without one, I couldn't quite wrap my head around it. A good friend of mine was telling me about her latest visit to her physical therapist, shes been having some back issues and the therapist told her that the best thing she can do to avoid any more issues with her back and spine is to sleep without a pillow.

WHAT!! NO pillow? That sounds like one of the most "psycho" things I've ever heard, who sleeps without a pillow? Definitely not me, I don't think I would even be able to fall asleep without one. It just sounds crazy to me.

White pillows and blanket on a bed

Who sleeps without a pillow?

According to people from Kingston to Pougheepskise to Danbury to Middletown a TON of people do. Ashley called us and said that she slept without one ever since she was a kid and when she got she started dating her now-husband, he also thought she was crazy for not sleeping with one too. Marcy texted us that "my mom does that, she had back issues many years ago and now with no pillows, she doesn't have them anymore."

I sleep on my side and my stomach most of the night so I don't see how I could ever sleep without a pillow. Tom texted us, "The only way sleeping without a pillow could work is if you’d sleep on your back only. You need a pillow when you sleep on your sides though. I need a pillow!" That makes sense, no pillows work for back sleepers but not so much for violent sleepers like me, I'm all over the place...LOL!


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