He's a Firefighter, a Paramedic, and Rocco Laudato also saves kittens from storm drains — cue the swoons, the sighs and the fainting. I'm actually not sure who is more adorable, Rocco Laudato or his new furry pal.

On Saturday night (August 18) Quint 3 of the Professional Fire Fighters of West Hartford were called to Hillcrest Avenue in the Elmwood section of town to rescue a kitten that had become trapped in a storm drain.

After seeing the story posted on their Facebook page, all I could think of was, wow, if this guy is single, he won't be for long. There are not many things sexier than a Firefighter rescuing a kitten. In fact, his CPR training may come in very handy if he has to resuscitate members of his new fan club.

Many comments followed the Facebook post, even one from his very proud mama talking about her purrfect son (see what I did there?)

Well done, Firefighter Laudato! We're proud of mew too!

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