“My faith is what keeps me going through... I always believe that once you do right, right always comes back to you. Because God don’t like ugly.” -Elmer Alvarez homeless man in New Haven, CT

That quote right there, that's what made me write this particular story. After a rough few days, my spirits were down.

Then, I came across this story at nhregister.com. A homeless man, Elmer Alvarez, found a $10,000 check on the street. He contacted the person that it was made out to, Roberta Hoskie. She hadn't even realized that she lost the check yet when she got the phone call. Before Hoskie became the CEO of Outreach Realty Services, she was once struggling and homeless too. In fact, in 2015, she was the New Haven register's Person of the Year.

Hoskie presented Alvarez with a check, free classes at her real estate school and a promise to keep in touch with him to help him get his life on a positive track. She has received calls from all over the country asking how they can help this selfless man.

I really wanted to share that quote and this story with you. When things seem tough, remember Elmer Alvarez. If you'd like to help, you can contact Roberta Hoskie at rhoskie@outreachrealtyservices.com.

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