Was he crazy because he was obsessed with UFOs? He was so obsessed with them that he designed his own circular round house and had it custom made to resemble a UFO and dubbed it the “mothership” reports the Sun UK News. Actor comedian Jackie Gleason often referred to as the "Great One", was originally from Brooklyn, NY. He became famous for the show the Honeymooners, and one of the catch phrases from it “to the moon Alice”, among other things. He had the home constructed in 1959 in Cortlandt Manor, NY. Now this very unique home can be yours for a mere $12 million dollars according to Upstater.com.

Jackie Gleason in 'The Honeymooners'
Getty Images

Jackie hosted many celebrities in this Northen Westchester home including President Richard Nixon. It sits on 8.4 acres, can accommodate 14 people, and has beautiful woodwork. Everything is circular, and the only problem with that is it could end up making you dizzy!

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