The last thing that you think of when you buy a house is that it will explode, but that is exactly what happened to Norwalk couple who bought their home just a month ago. reports that Simon and Mamata Bertrand, who is 9 months pregnant, were asleep in their new home at 5:07am when an explosion woke them up. Luckily, since the explosion occurred in their basement and they were on the second floor, they were able to escape without injuries. Deputy Fire Chief Steve Shay said that propane had been filling into the house and thanks to an open window on the second floor, they are lucky to be alive and did not become asphyxiated.

Firefighters arriving on the scene found all of the doors and widows in the home blown out and furniture strewn all over the first floor. The 10-year-old house at 10 Deepwood Lane in Norwalk, CT was in flames and filled with heavy smoke. Storm drains and yards in the neighborhood were tested and were found to have high levels of gas.

The 10-year-old home, appraised at $464,810, is now "unfit for occupancy."

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