It was a scene straight out of a Charmin commercial.

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Bristol’s Kristin Levine caught the moment her package was stolen on her security camera. When she went to look at the footage, she found that this was no ordinary porch thief, but a moderately large black bear, sauntering away with her Amazon package that had just been delivered moments before.

According to the video Levine posted on Facebook, the bear moseyed into her driveway and walked off with her Amazon package hanging from its mouth. The delivery—a package of toilet paper—was recovered somewhere else in the neighborhood not far from where it was taken. Here's a look at Kristin's video:

Even though this toilet paper theft was pretty funny, Connecticut residents should be reminded that not all bears have a sense of humor. More and more bears are being reported around the state, and it’s important to keep an eye out for these cuddly looking creatures, not just when they’re stealing your mail.

Be sure to check the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s list of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to black bears.

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