As we all wait with the rest of the world for the second season of This Is Us, are you sitting there in your living room wondering, "what the heck do I do now? How do I get my fix?"

Yeah, me too.

So, diving into the characters a bit is always something to keep us occupied. We've seen the stars out and about at awards shows and we know about their personal lives.

To me, it's always been an amazing thing to watch actors and think about how well-cast a show is. Even reality TV shows have specific characters that they are looking for to make sure that the whole group comes together.

In This Is Us, the casting directors not only had to make sure the main characters would work together well, they also had to cast young actors to play the main characters in the flashback scenes. They had to not only look like they may have looked as children but they also had to make sure that these kids worked together well.

They found those kids.

I came across this adorable video of those child actors taking on the lines of the adults they play.

So, here's a little fix of the show we all love. By the way, This Is Us returns in the Fall for Season Two and NBC has already signed the popular show to a Season Three.

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