What seems to have become the norm around our area recently, another local business has closed suddenly, letting their customers know through a Facebook post. In case you haven't heard yet, the Tigers Den, a popular Ridgefield Sports Bar, has shut down for good.

Joe  Attonito, the owner of Tigers' Den, told hamlethub.com the reason the popular location shut down:

I guess this is goodbye, Ridgefield. After almost 4 years of mediocre sales and business my debt has caught up. So people are clear, I was behind on taxes with the town (as well as other debts that have accrued) and made a payment late last night. The town wanted the payment by 4:30, and having taken the day off to spend with my daughter, I made the payment in the evening, but was told it was too late. I wanted to thank each and every one that gave The Den a chance, whether you were a regular or a one time customer, loved us or hated us, you were a part of me. You were all a part of my effort to make a place great, and I guess I just fell short. I will land on my feet, get a job, make money, pay debts, mend fences and plan on opening a restaurant again in the near future. Until then, friends, please keep in touch!

Fairfield After Dark stopped by the Tigers Den shortly after they opened and gave us a tour:

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