Officials told us why a Hudson Valley murder suspect was accidentally released from jail.

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Raymond Snyder, 38, of Kingston is accused of killing 47-year-old Romero Underwood in Underwood's Kingston home last July. Snyder was charged with Underwood's murder in January.

Snyder was released from jail this week because the Ulster County District Attorney's Office missed the deadline to file an indictment against him.

The DA's office tells Hudson Valley Post their request for additional time to present the case to a Grand Jury was denied.

"The prosecution of the Snyder case is ongoing. This office requested additional time to complete the presentation of the case based on good cause, and that request was denied. We are requesting a reconsideration of that denial," Ulster County District Attorney David Clegg told Hudson Valley Post in a statement.

The DA's office said there wasn't enough time to present the case to a grand jury because of COVID-19 restrictions. An Ulster County judge disagrees and pointed to 27 other cases recently presented to a grand jury, many of which he claims were less serious cases.

Clegg tells us his office has worked on a number of serious cases, included murder.

"Despite limited Grand Jury time, in the past six months our office has indicted three persons for 2nd degree murder, one person for 2nd degree manslaughter, two persons for 2nd degree attempted murder, two persons for predatory sexual assault against a child, two persons for 3rd degree rape, three persons for 2nd degree criminal possession of a weapon, one person for 2nd degree strangulation, two persons for 2nd degree assault, one person for 1st degree arson, two persons for 1st degree burglary, and one person for 1st degree robbery. We continue to prioritize cases involving violent crime and risks to public safety," Clegg added.

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