If you live in Greater Danbury, then I bet you take Candlewood Lake and the surrounding area for granted. Heck, we have an all-access pass twelve months a year, but if you're from out of town, then a summer vacation at Candlewood Lake could be the perfect recipe for relaxation.

Candlewood Lake is a popular tourist destination, and the area is home to many second homes of New York City residents. Some of the most sought after and expensive real estate in Connecticut is found around the lake. Each summer, the out of town pilgrimage is on, and people from all over the area converge on the lake for swimming, boating, and fishing.

I came across this vacation video from 2007, this family spent their family vacation at Candlewood Lake. Not only did the family spend time on the lake, but also made trips to some other destinations like Stew Leonard's, Larson's Farm, Christmas Tree Shops, even New York City. Check out all the fun this family had right here in our area.

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