Well, well, well, looks like our old pal, that famous meteorological ground hog, was spot on for his big day last Friday. Don't put your shovels and ice scrapers away just yet and heed Punxsutawney Phil's warning!

According to Weather.gov, we should be seeing some of that wonderful white stuff overnight on Tuesday into Wednesday that will make your morning commute pure joy. I can't wait. It was just last week that I chipped away at a fine ice sculpture that turned out to be my car.

The big white show is set to begin after 3am Wednesday morning and continue throughout the morning with  to 3 inches possible. Although that may not seem like a lot, the chance of snow is set at 100% and...it gets better. That snow will turn to rain before 10:00pm Wednesday night and then it will change over to snow which will continue til about 3:00am Thursday morning adding another 1 to 2 inches. Probability of snow is 90%.

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