Just when you thought it was getting a little safer and you could take off that mask, a new sub varient of the Omicron strain of the coronavirus has been detected in Connecticut.

So will this virus ever end? Just when you thought we had turned the corner and could see the light at the end of the tunnel, another COVID-19 variant rears its ugly head.

We've seen the Alpah strain, the Delta strain, the Omicron strain, and now entering the arena is what they are calling the Omicron sub variant BA.2, which is also referred to as the "stealth variant", and the first case of this sub variant has been detected in Fairfield, Connecticut.

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So just why are the medical experts calling it a stealth variant? Apparently according to nbcconnecticut.com, infectious disease experts are saying that the name comes from the fact that the variant can be harder to detect then other variants when testing occurs.

Those same experts are also saying that, get this, this stealth variant is even potentially more contiguous then the original Omicron variant that we have been battling for the last month or so.

According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, there has been at least one reported case of the "stealth omicron" variant, which was detected in a patient in Fairfield County.

So far, no one in the scientific community is commenting if this particular strain is more resistant to the vaccines and booster shots, but they are saying that this particular mutation of the virus is not unheard of or even unique when taking about the Sars Covid virus, the only questions that is circulating around science labs throughout the state is how impactful will it be to our health in the coming months.

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