Police are hoping for help after a number of cars were reported stolen in the Hudson Valley.

New York State Police from Brewster are investigating an increased amount of stolen vehicle complaints and valuables stolen from inside cars.

According to police, over the past several days, vehicles have been reported stolen from Haviland Drive in Brewster and Ridgeview Road in Patterson.

In addition, members of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation from Somers are also investigating the theft of a vehicle from Lakeside Drive in the Town of Lewisboro.

The crimes are occurring in suburban neighborhoods and are aided by residents who leave their car keys and valuables inside unlocked cars, police say.

State Police remind everyone to always lock their cars and leave store valuables inside your vehicle.

Anyone with information regarding the recent vehicle thefts or break-ins, is asked to contact New York State Police in Brewster by calling (845) 677-7300.

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