Looks like we're all going to get wet at some point this week, but don't complain, we really need the rain.

According to the National Weather Service, the state has been either at below normal, or at incipient drought levels over the last month, and rain has been no where to be found, but that's all about to change.

Looks like starting tonight (Tuesday) and continuing through Thursday, we'll see as much as two inches of much needed rainfall. The weather service is reporting that most of the rain is expected tonight as a low pressure system moves across the state.

Most of Fairfield County is now in stage one drought conditions, and that means that residents and businesses should be alert for the potential of worsening conditions, and they must be ready to follow local conservation guidelines if necessary. Other parts of the state are in stage two, or incipient drought conditions, which means they have already been asked to voluntarily take measures to minimize the impact of the drought.

Here's your local forecast for the next few days:

  • Tuesday- There's a 80 percent chance of showers early, otherwise mostly cloudy with a high around 75.
  • Tuesday Night- 100 percent chance of rain, some of the rain may be heavy at times, low around 63, between three quarters of an inch up to one inch of rain is possible.
  • Wednesday- 60 percent chance of showers early, high near 70. New precipitation amounts between half to three quarter of an inch is expected.
  • Wednesday Night- Clearing skies, low near 50.
  • Thursday- Still a 20 percent chance of rain before 10 am, then the front moves out quickly and we should see some sunshine by Thursday afternoon.
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