As the heavy rain came down, it also took some trees and power lines with it.The storms that barrelled through our area this afternoon has left hundreds without power.

When the bad weather was approaching, I was chatting with my friend and co-worker, Large Dave, in the lobby of the radio station. We looked out at the ominous skies and he said, "Woah, look at that! The sky is getting really dark over there, that's in the direction of where I live." About 30 minutes later, the sky exploded with rain all over the area. It was so strong that Eversource crews are now in the process of restoring power to many customers. including the town where Large lives.

The list below shows the number of customers without power reported by Eversource as of 5:00pm:

  • Danbury: 62
  • Greenwich: 3
  • New Fairfield: 4
  • New Milford: 90
  • Newtown: 4
  • Norwalk: 1
  • Redding: 7
  • Ridgefield: 15
  • Roxbury: 51
  • Sherman: 97
  • Somers: 9
  • Southbury: 2
  • Waterbury: 273
  • Woodbury: 6

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