These two videos I've attached below STILL make me jump.

Seeing sheets of thick ice hurtling through the air directly at your car while driving is frightening. Whether it's on the highway or a surface road there's often not enough time to avoid the ice knowing you're the bullseye, and blinding you the second you're hit just like this screenshot from the below video shows.

Capeway Towing
Capeway Towing Screen Shot from Video

Can you imagine driving and all of a sudden complete darkness? In these videos, we can all feel the fear because it's a situation any of us could be in.

Here's the terrifying dashcam video posted by Capeway Towing on Cape Cod in Massachusetts from last winter.  Scarier still is that it's a beautiful, sunny day after a small snowfall.

I want you to know that the driver, according to the Cape Cod Times, only received minor cuts and bruises. Phew!  Kudos to staying calm and keeping control of the vehicle, slowly steering to the side of the road.

I mean, you and I both know that this could have easily turned into a major collision with multiple cars, or this driver slamming into the guard rail.

Capeway Towing
Capeway Towing

Shockingly, only 11 states have laws that require you to remove snow and ice off your car, roof, and all according to AOL Finance. In New England, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island all have specific laws requiring snow and ice removal from your vehicle.

Police in all 50 states can fine drivers if ice or snow obstructs views, is considered an "unsecured load," or impedes the roadway after falling off of our vehicles so there are general laws in place. But is that enough and could be too little, too late?

Here's another video of this frightening experience that could have been prevented.

Please heed these warnings even if it's not law.  It could save a life.

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